Sunday, 2 February 2014


I thought I try using one skirt , and trying three different looks with the skirt.
I've seen it done , on a lot of blogs I visit and the bloggers have done a great job.
So here I go and hope you like the posts.
The skirt is the garment i am going to use , to create three different looks with it.
Today look is about layers, i am going shopping and having a coffee while i'm out doing my weekly shop.
I want to look smart but also warm , because it's very cold outside , so this is what I picked, thank you for your visits Les.
Jumper, skirt and belt , charity shops.
Fluffy knitted short sleeved top and boots ,old.
Bag ,


  1. Very cute and elegant look! Kisses.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Best wishes Lesley

  2. i love how you paired it with the fur vest! can't wait to see your other looks with the skirt.

    cute & little

    1. Hello Kileen thank you for your great comment, i love the way you put your outfits together on your blog, with best wishes Lesley.

  3. oooh I'm looking forward to seeing how you create different looks! I do like this one, the fur, red nails and patent boots has a Russian feel to it, it's quite dramatic and so chic (even your bag has fur!!) did I say how much I like this outfit!! love your mirrored console table, how gorgeous! you are very tidy, if I had one it would leave me or complain (I should dust more!)! have a lovely week x x x

    1. Oh Sandra you do make me laugh ! I like that you say it has a Russian feel , do you know what you are so right, i never thought of the outfit like that, but yes it is.
      Mirrored furniture is lovely but you are forever dusting, i must have dusted before the picture taken lol !.
      Well i must go , i've got one sick child with tummy bug,Alfie just been sick on the rug and the boiler being replaced today, oh the joys of being a housewife lol!!!, i need a cup of tea to keep me sane he he! have a good week Sandra thank you for your comment love and kisses Lesx