Friday, 31 January 2014


Happy Friday blogging bunnies!, I  just want to start this post by saying a big THANK YOU! to you all for visiting my little blog  I have reached over a thousand, it's BRILLIANT.
I'm not very good at this blogging , and technology easily confuses me , some might say i'm easily confused lol !!, but I do try my best on my little blog of mine and hope you like ,the posts I do.
And in some small way it's helped my confidence , and maybe I don't look to bad in the pictures.
Now for the clothes, once again one or both of the dogs have got into the pictures, they are getting right Diva's , lol.
Skirt , belt and shoes charity shop, jumper and bag are old. once again many thanks for your visits and lovely comments , have a good weekend Les .


  1. Well done! you have whacked the 1000! your blog is brilliant, I love popping over, it's a warm and stylish place to be! you look fabulous, as you always do and you are a gorgeous woman! Blogging has done wonders for my confidence too, it's fab - I adore this outfit btw, you have great bags and shoes too (I seem to tell you that a lot hehe, it's true!) and technology? we are learning together! have a lovely weekend x x x

    1. What a lovely comment, thank you Sandra, I love hearing from you.
      When i'm having a , don't think i am very good at this blogging world , you and your comments always give me that boost I need.
      So thank you my dear ,love and kisses Les x

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Marta, I really appreciate it.
      Glad you like it, best wishes and have a good week Les x