Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hello , this is the second outfit,of three ways of using the same skirt.
Oops !!!, dog sneaked in again ,and also telly on too ! sorry about that, now the outfit,
Mr M my beloved was working in our town ,so he said he would take me out for lunch, when he had his lunch break, not one to turn a free lunch down ,lol this is what i wore.
As the weather is so grey at the moment, i added a touch of colour to the skirt with the jumper.
Then the jacket for a  smart ,  casual look to the outfit as i  was going out to lunch., i tried a bit of pattern mixing with the jacket and the skirt.
Satchel for a fun touch, thank you for your visits Les
All clothes Charity shops. ankleboots , British Homes Stores, Satchel , old. Scalf, old.


  1. That's a very smart little jacket, in fact the whole outfit is perfect for a Lady Who Lunches! Yeah, I'm feeling the need for colour to counteract the greyness of the weather...
    Just had a peek at your previous post, love the fur gilet and shiny boots; Sandra is right, Romanov Chic!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment, I appreciate it.
    Love Curtise xxx

    1. Thank you , for your lovely comment Curtise,i really appreciate it.
      As i have been doing my little blog for only a few months, I love it when bloggers like yourself and Sandra sent me a comment as i have been following both your blogs forever, and given me the push to start my own blog, with Best wishes Les x

  2. I hope everyone is well, it seems this tummy bug is making its rounds and it's a nasty one too - I'm with you on the free lunch! I hope it was lovely, it's great to have a little time alone with the Mr. Another fab outfit! the blazer is gorgeous (and your accessories!) I'm looking forward to the final outfit! x x x

    1. Hello Sandra , I don't know what the weather like your end , but we have very strong winds and rain, my Internet is playing up.
      I am trying to read your latest post , and my netbook keeps going off, in usually means weather playing havoc with the broadband .
      But do not fear i will get to read your post if it kills me lol, you know i don't know what i do with out the old charity shops to keep my clothes,bags addiction happy, well i better stop rambling on i'l be boring you , hope the family are well , and i look forward to reading your latest post, love best wishes and thank you Les x

  3. I am soooooooooooo honoured Lesley
    It is fantastic to find a new friend in the bloggosphere.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, i find your blog so inspiring !
      have a good week ,best wishes Les x.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for your comment, have a good week, with best wishes Les .