Thursday, 28 November 2013


Love capes , if it's not to cold outside they are great to wear ,I have about three or four now.
this black one is a recent find at the charity shop and was brand new so a great find.
I like the shape of these trousers a small pattern detail and black stripe running down the side of the trousers makes a change from just plain black trousers.
Black polo neck soft knitted waistcoat .
Add the little extra's of green bobble hat ,green bag to pick up the green in the trousers.
I'm ready to visit the local town thank you for your visits Les .


  1. capes are amazing, and your looks fab! awesome outfit with the cute hat and the shoes are gorgeous too, I love a little Mary Jane style shoe! love your poses too, I need to be braver and do some more outdoor pics! (actually I need to buy a tripod, I just use a mountain of books at the moment!) x x x

  2. Hi Sandra I don't go far, outside front door,and when anybody walk pass I go inside quick so i'm not that brave lol. Or in my back garden my 11year old daughter Summer takes the pictures bless her my 14 year old daughter India got fed up, you know what teenager's are like.Glad you think the poses are ok I think i'm not very good .Great idea of the books so I can take the pictures myself, what camera do you use?.As always lovely to hear from you love Les