Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Hello and welcome to my little blog.
I just like to say my photo's are not that brilliant, my little camera is basic.
I have dropped very heavy hints to my beloved Mr M about a new camera for a while now.
Hopefully Father Christmas may put one under the Christmas tree for me fingers crossed Lol.
All the clothes in this posting are from charity shops apart from the boots which are new.
A nice easy outfit to wear and a large bag which took my fancy in the charity shop,an outfit for a day at home or going shopping meeting friends for coffee.
Thank you for your visits Les.


  1. it's a great outfit! and the bag and boots are awesome, I adore huge bags, sadly I fill them with so much rubbish and then never empty them! the chazza's are great too, I love them, it's great to find some treasure - and I think your camera is fine, they are a little temperamental though, mine has no control! x x x

  2. Oh thank you Sandra, glad you like it ,yes i'm a bag lady much to my man despair Lol.
    You have a great blog love your sense humour,and your outfits .Have a good weekend love Les

  3. Great look and cute bag! Kisses.

  4. Thank you so much yes you are right the bag is cute and a nice colour, have a great weekend .Love Les x