Tuesday, 26 November 2013


A new animal print skirt for me.
I love the floaty feel of the skirt, a old cream cable jumper fawn colour scarf.
And I'm ready to go.
On my blog  I  will tell you about the blogs I follow and there are many ,and
I would like to start with Sola ante el espejo which translated into English means,
Alone before the mirror.
Maria Fedz-Bayon a lady with great style who I admire.
Beautiful pictures a great blog for us mature ladies, pop in and give her a visit.
Thank you for your visits Les

Skirt; Primark
Jumper; Old
Scarf ; Old
Bag ; Birthday present


  1. oooh I like your blog! great outfit, leopard is a great print isn't it? how do I follow you? I'm a bit rubbish and don't know what g+ is hehe x x x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment it's lovely to hear from you.
      Lovely to know that you like the outfit you have given me a big boost to know someone likes my post.
      OMG can I get back to you about g+ I cannot make head or tail of it Lol my fourteen year old daughter can't either as I'm hopeless on this , I will have to get my sister who really clever on this sort of stuff to help me.My old brain can't take it all in Lol,take care love Les x

    2. haha! I'm the same! it can be tricky all of the tech stuff, I really am awful! there are other tech-y bloggers who have helped me in the past, look forward to hearing from you! x x x