Monday, 2 December 2013


I crave for warmth today.
With the weather getting colder as the days go by, I need layers !.
I feel the cold and hate winter with a passion.
So here what I'm wearing to try and keep the cold out, thank you for your visit.
Black Legging with leather effect trim down side ( George at Asda )
Jumper and Gillet ( both Charity Shops)
Boots new (Ambrose Wilson)
Fur headband and bag (Local market)


  1. you look very glam and cosy too! your fur headband is awesome and your booties and bag! you are fighting the wintery cold fabulously! I'm not very fond of gusty weather, it plays havoc with my dresses! ps my camera is an Olympus, we got it on sale in Asda, nothing fancy as I need a simple 'press button' number!! x x x

  2. Yes I know the wind is a pain when you are wearing dresses and I love your dresses do you like a bit of Retro as I do. ,our house is right near the sea so we suffer with a lot of wind weather.
    Thank you for your kind comments, with kisses Les