Monday, 14 March 2016


Hi all ! , this my Sunday outfit for 13th March ... the sun popped it's head out now again it was still fairly chilly ! I do so hope Spring will hopefully make appearance soon don't you.
I am ( big sigh here ) trying to find a style of clothing for me which is suitable for my maturing body and my everyday life . The trouble is I accumulate loads of clothes from my thrift shopping and sales in shops and hardly wear them and my wardrobes get chaotic. I have a mass clear out and have all good attentions not to get back where I was , but it is the same old story it slowly starts again !.
My plan of action is ... A , get some sort of style of clothing going on to fit in with me and my life.
                                     B ,  STOP ! going to the Thrift shops so much ( that's going to be a hard one ).
                                     C ,  getting style inspiration from all the great blogs out there !,
Have you got a clothes style you like or you like me muddle along and a chaotic wardrobe , please tell me I am not the only one ( Lol ) have a good week everyone....
Cardigan ,Top , Thrift shopped
Bag , New Look sale
Legging , Primark
Boots , Factory Shop


  1. Love that colour on you Lesley. I know what you mean about finding a style that works for where you are in life now! I spend my working days in lycra and leggings so want something a little more formal in my down time which isn't so formal that it becomes more like business wear!

    I'm finding long line cardigans for tootling days at home and neat nipped in blazers with jeans or skirts with fun patterned shirts (paisley, polka dot, abstract) for more out and about things are working well for me.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment .

  2. Lovely look Lesley. Beautiful...kisses...

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Barbara x

  3. Leslie! Hi, there! I soooo hear you, sista. ha
    I have thrifted so many clothes and really don't have anywhere to wear them all. I only work 2 days a my everyday lifestyle does not really require the amount of things I have. I get onto myself all the time because I do have many things I'd like to wear on repeat...and SHOULD wear on repeat...but don't because I have too many other outfits planned and I can't fit them all in. Oh what problems we heavy hitter thrifters have. lol Try as I might to make myself stop...or at least slow down thrifting...I end up getting that "urge" to find something fabulous at and unbelievably low price. I do keep track (on a spreadsheet) of every item I purchase (by item, date bought, price, etc) and have done so over the last few years so that I know what I'm spending. My goal for 2015 was to spend half as much as I did in 2014. I didn't quite make it, (I'll blame weight loss, ha) but I made a huge improvement. So my goal this year is to cut last years spending in half yet again. I just have to keep telling myself...there are ALWAYS going to be amazing clothes out there at ridiculous prices....but that does NOT mean I have to buy them...I have more than plenty. But it's soooooo hard. :)

    1. Thank you for your great comment Lisa best wishes x