Tuesday, 5 November 2013


 Hello there welcome to my post , its the red ,white and blue look today.
There are many fashion rules that we should follow for our body shapes as I am a pear shaped lady  maybe I should not have worn this skirt ,but what the hell I love this skirt I know it makes my bottom half look  bigger, but when I do wear it makes me feel very like  having a retro moment all 50's housewife going on I will be baking cakes in a minute if I'm not careful.
So as I 'm nearly fifty one surely I can forget the fashion rules and wear what I like and not beat myself up about it so much.
White lace neck top ,I did say I liked the old lace and a red belt and cardigan, don't you think red nice up lifting colour.
Finished of with the light brown ankle boots, I  just wanted to wear these boots I got them a couple days a go at the charity shop just itching to wear them.
Thank you for looking in best wishes Les.

Top; Peacocks (old)
All other clothes Charity Shop
Boots; Charity Shop.

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