Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hello there hope you are all keeping well, today my birthday fifty one the years have gone so quickly.
This outfit is what I wore the other day, as my beloved is taking me on a day out shopping for my birthday I can feel a new bag being added to my collection of many.
A casual look for me ,I'm not sure about these casual looks on me I don't know if I should stick to the dresses and skirts that I like to wear as they make me feel lady like and smart, I don't know about you but sometimes I get so frustrated with my clothes and what look I want to give.
When I read all the blogs I love to read all these bloggers know what their style is and they look great. Hopefully I will get there by getting some ideas from all the wonderful blogs out there.
thank you for dropping by with best wishes Les
Clothes ; Coat George Asda
Denim legging; George Asda 
Boots Factory shop
Bag; Pippa bag Modula
All other clothes Charity Shops

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  1. Where's a picture of your Sophia Loren look yesterday? You look good in casual & smart so don't question if you look good in jeans. Not too sure about the blue skirt but you love it & feel good in it so that is all that matters. There again it could of been the red cardi, my problem is I wear too much black or navy so who am I to comment!

    Site is good, remember to put some comma's in your sentence.
    Enjoy writing your blog xx