Thursday, 12 March 2015


Hello , a quick post , I've had one of those weeks where it seems I been very busy but doesn't look like I have done a lot , oh well the weekend is nearly here . So I hope you all have a good one and thank you for your visits and comments . The dress is nice and easy to wear a Christmas present from Mr M as well as the bag  for Christmas I am very lucky , added the pop of colour in the red cardigan you just cannot beat red can you !.
Before you go check out the Your Home magazine , the wonderful Vix @ Vintage Vixen , her gorgeous house is featured in it .       Les ...


  1. Simple maybe, but the dress looks great, and you really suit bright colours, Les, especially red! xxx

  2. Great look and cute dress! Kisses.

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Les! The red cardi really lifts the grey, a lovely outfit. x

  4. Hallo Les,I always seem to have busy weeks with no much accomplished in the end or so I think. I like grey and red together but somehow I don't have neither in my closet!

    1. Hello I hope you are keeping well ! thank you for your comment best wishes .

  5. Hi, Les. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I love the color of your cardigan with the gray dress. Very pretty.