Saturday, 15 November 2014


 A happy Saturday to you all , I do like a good skirt and this one I am wearing in
today blog post was found a few months ago in a charity shop .
I liked the shape and detail on the skirt , it was just a little bit different and tickled my fancy, so I quickly matched up to the tills and paid for the skirt ,just in case anybody else got there little mits on it . Honestly you sometimes take your life in your hands in charity shops ( Lol ).
Adding the same grey striped top I wore in my last post to pick up the grey detail in the skirt , I added the mint green jacket that been worn before on my blog to add some colour to the outfit. Have a wonderful weekend to you all ,thank you for your visits and lovely comments.....Les ...

Skirt and Jacket charity shop , top Primark , bag Paul's boutique , shoes Clarks.


  1. Yes, the trim on the front seam and pleat is a lovely detail, and the green jacket brings some colour - you look very smart! xxx

  2. I love your jacket dear! Kisses.

  3. That skirt is lovely with the minty green blazer.
    I'm safe in charity shops, most people wouldn't touch the stuff I like with a bargepole! xxx