Monday, 27 October 2014


Hello , it was my blog first birthday on Saturday I cannot believe how fast the year has gone !
I know a lot of bloggers say this ,what a wonderful community the bloggers are ! and how very true that is .
Many a time I have nearly given up on this little blog of mine , I felt I just was not very good at blogging , but when I have been feeling negative about my blog , up pops such wonderful comments which you kindly give your time to leave me and it gives me such a thrill !.
So to sum up what I have learned in my first year of being a blogger !....
1... what a wonderful community you all are.
2... no I am never going to have the best pictures, but , hey ho ! thats the way it goes.
3... grammar on this little blog of mine ! is not one off my strong points or the spelling for that matter ( Lol ).
4... I am always going to be 5ft 3ins tall and I never going to be a size 6 ! I am nearly 52 for goodness sake !, I really really need to get over it !!!.
5... what wonderful blogs you all have and I do love reading them all .
And finally ... at this point you might have lost the will to live big thank you to you all for your lovely comments always appreciated especially Sandra , Vix , Curtise , Maria and Terry.
And thank you Terry for featuring me on your blog + Terry's Two Cents highlight of my blog year I was sooo excited bless you.
My outfit simple daisy printed swing top and legging  thats it so easy to wear all the clothes are old.
  Thank you all ....Les.


  1. Fantastic look dear! Kisses.

  2. Happy Blog-birthday! Thanks for being such a lovely, friendly and stylish addition to our wonderful blogging community. Love that dress. xxx