Monday, 8 September 2014


Hello , i hope i find you all well !, as another week starts and the sun is out , this look i am wearing is great outfit to wear for walking to my local town , browsing round the shops and meeting some friends for coffee.
I always think white jeans look smart , as long as you don't get anything on them (Lol) thats near impossible for me ! and a light top with one of my favorite prints flowers.
The Top and jeans are charity shop finds , sandals are really old and my bag you seen before.
Thank you so much for your visits and lovely comments ! have a fab week.


  1. White jeans always work in my book...and I wear mine to pieces. haha
    Love the color in the pretty floral top and bag.

  2. Very smart and very summery, perfect for today. x

  3. A great outfit for these late summer days, when you still want to wear light, bright colours but need a bit of extra coverage when it gets chilly. Hope you enjoyed your browse and catching up with your friends! xxx

  4. It's a fab outfit! white is a glorious colour (and one I always end up getting spills on!) the floral top and gorgeous pink bag is so pretty with it - and I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends, coffee and gabbing (chatting) sounds perfect! x x x