Friday, 26 September 2014


Welcome to you all , my , my , don't the week go so fast , I cannot believe it's Friday already and to my last blog post of the week ! .
As the blog post heading saids I have  a fondness for a pleated skirt , and this one is no exception ! .
I love the pale blue colour , the swinishness of it when I do a little twirl in it , for the life of me I don't know why I be twirling in it , like some demented duck ! but there you go (Lol ) , so it is safe to say I love this skirt !!!.
Adding a new charity shopped top in abstracted flower print just a little bit different and a bright pink shrug , from Asda clothes sale at three pound , I shall now twirl away to the weekend ! , you all have a good weekend thank you very much for your visits and comments   Lesley ..... 
I am linking up to the fabulous Patti at Not Dead yet Style.


  1. Your hair looks lovely today! Very pretty outfit. x

  2. Great look and beautiful skirt! Kisses.

  3. You look delicate and fabulous.
    See you tomorrow in Share-in-Style

  4. I'm always twirling! haha! it's the power of a twirly skirt, it compels you to twirl and makes you feel happy! pleated skirts are lovely, I like them too, yours is so pretty, the colour is gorgeous and I love it paired with the pink and your hair is beautiful! x x x