Monday, 30 June 2014


Hi there , before i start rambling on like i do ( Lol ) , i would like to thank  Terry at + Terry's Two Cents blog , for including me in the looks he likes with some other great bloggers.
It is such a honour to be include in his wonderful blog ,he is also wears some great outfits .
This is what i wore on my day out shopping with Mr M last week as i mention on Friday post he treated me to a day shopping.
The weather was sunny and warm which is always nice , and i am for some reason really into white skirts for the summer this one found recently at charity shop
and i found another one to at the charity shop, because i always seem to manage to spill or drop something down me when i am wearing white !.
What clothes are you really into this summer , i love to hear from you what it is !.
Have a good Tuesday thank you for your visits and comments, bye for now.
Sandals Old , Top £3 Factory Shop.
One of the wonderful flower planters in Ipswich town.


  1. Love the silver sandals and the elegant white skirt! Love how you've done your hair. x

  2. The white skirt is beautiful! and white does attract spillages haha! happens to me even when I'm not wearing white! your sandals are gorgeous and sparkly and perfect for a day shopping with Mr M, how lovely of him! love your sunnies too! x x x

  3. I love your perfect outfit! Kisses.

  4. Your white skirt is lovely and so summery . . . I only ever find over-priced rubbish at charity shops, Oxfam is the worst for this . . . perhaps I'm doing it wrong :-)

    I see you've got a basketweave jacket/street furniture/thingy where you live, I'm in Southend in Essex and we've got some of these in our High Street too. Of course they were vandalised when they first went up, but now they seem to be okay.


    1. Hello there Louisa ! lovely to hear from you, thank you for your comment.
      Southend is great , i haven't been for a few years, i must get Mr M to take me there it's about hour and half from where i live in Harwich, best wishes to you x