Friday, 23 May 2014


A happy Friday to you all ! the weather was lovely the other day , so i popped down to the caravan to enjoy this nice weather we were have in Britain .
So sun hat on and lashing of suncream , i am enjoying the lovely sun.
This is a recent purchase from Matalan a few weeks ago , this dress is out of my safety zone ! for one it's tight fitting and i usually avoid them like the plague !!! but i loved the pattern so much i thought lets be brave !.
So with a pair of hold you in knickers , oh the glamour of it all Lol !, i think i am passable.
Have a lovely weekend and Bank holiday, thank you for your visits and lovely comments, Best wishes x Les.

 Dress Matalan , bag Paul boutique, all other clothes and shoes old.


  1. Your dress is lovely! it may be out of your comfort zone but it looks fabulous on you, the colour and pattern suit you so much and I'm a big fan of sturdy pants, of yes! I also adore your sunhat, love it! I'm after one just like it - have a great Bank Holiday weekend! will you be at the caravan? if so lucky you! x x x

  2. Love the colours in your dress, so peaceful, reminds me of summer and as we here in Australia go into winter, I think I'll bookmark this post to remind me that there really is a sun


  3. Very ladylike in your fitted dress and hat! Have a fabulous weekend. x

  4. A really trendy dress and a great shape! You wear it with pride and beautiful accessories and you made it your own!

  5. Much more than passable, Les - you look fantastic! Great print, and the fitted shape really suits you. Nothing wrong with suck-it-in pants, I swear by them! xxx