Thursday, 29 May 2014


Happy Thursday to you all , i forgot to mention on my last post that the night out was on Saturday , but you probably guess that , i think i would be dangerous if i had a brain !!! ( lol ).
This is what i wore during the day ! as you see the sun was out which i love, don't we all.
All the clothes have been charity shopped and the bag too which when i looked at the label inside was a designer Ben de Lisi of Debenhams   range, so i was well chuffed !.
Shoes are from Peacocks , thank you for your visits and lovely comments much appreciated with best wishes x Les.


  1. Stripes, florals and sunshine - just perfect! xxx

  2. What an amazing find! the skirt is gorgeous, your outfit is fabulous! you look amazing, and is that a bag I have never sen before too? you really do have an awesome collection! have a great weekend Lesley! x x x