Thursday, 3 April 2014


Hello Blogging friends, the sun is shining and all is well !.
The outfit i am wearing on Saturday, is smart casual look of mine, we were off visiting family .
I do like this paisley print top ! i got it the other day in a little boutique in the sale for a great price of five pounds, so adding the denim jegging the blue shoes with the orange bow, to tie in the colours in the top.
A cord tan jacket and the tan studded handbag also to cordinate with the paisley print top, i am all set to go visiting !.
Thank you for your visits and comments , have a great weekend Best wishes Les x
Jacket Charity shopped, shoes , jegging, bag and shoes , Old.


  1. the dress is great, alittle 70's as I love!

  2. Hello there ! thank you for your lovely comment, glad you liked the dress !Best wishes and kisses x.