Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hello blogger bunnies ! , first i must say sorry that i have not blog posted for over a week.
As i said in my last post, Mr M and i were refurbishing our caravan, and i must say it was more hectic then i thought !!!.
Anyway on to the outfit, i'm not very confident on my body on my looks, i do get very down about it, i know i'm being silly and should be more body positive as i have got my health, and after all this body of mine has given me my lovely children.
But a do find it hard with the old confidence thing, do any of you have the same sort of thing with yourselves ?, i love to hear from you if you do.
When these pictures were taken i was down about the old body, so i decided to go for colour .
I am always inspired by the use of colour in their outfit on these blogs @ Vintage Vixen, @The Secondhand Years, @ Mis Papelicos, they are wonderful blogs.
Hope you like, thank you as always for your visits and lovely comments, Best wishes Les x.
Jumper, Peacocks , bag old, all other clothes charity shopped. 


  1. You look beautiful in red, think bright colours really suit you, Lesley.
    Of course I have days when I feel less confident and don't like how I look, I would guess that lots of us know that feeling. Blogging has given me a real confidence boost, and I have definitely learned that faking it helps to make it; if you act as though you feel great, you start to really feel it! I don't suppose any of the bloggers you follow are 100% satisfied with their body/looks all of the time, but we can all make the best of what we have and appreciate that we're lucky to have it! I am just thinking about my favourite inspirational bloggers, and none of them are conventional, they are quirky, all shapes and sizes, all styles, no one would claim to be perfect but they play with clothes, they are creative, don't take it too seriously, and their confidence is their greatest asset. xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Curtise for your great comment, and like your blog you always have great way with words and making it all make sense.
      What great advice you have given me and it does help.
      Have a great weekend best wishes xxx.

  2. Thank you for the mention, Les! What a compliment!
    I think you look beautiful in red and the outfit is very lovely and shows off your fab figure and shapely ankles.
    I think we all have those days when we feel less confident and it doesn't matter how many times we receive a compliment, all we see when we look in the mirror is the negatives. My solution is to slap a bit more lipstick on and wear something really bright. People are usually that dazzled by colour they won't notice the unwashed hair or pasty complexion. xxxx

    1. Hello Vix, what wonderful advice , yes sometimes the old mirror is not a friend when you only see the negatives, how right you are !.
      What would i do without the lippy and makeup i would be lost with out it Lol !
      Thank you for the great comment, have a great weekend best wishes xxx.

  3. The red is gorgeous on you, and your skirt is fab! they work beautifully together, and of course your awesome handbag! Curtise, Sacramento and Vix are excellent, they inspire me so much!
    Yep, them blooming days! aren't they just a pain in the backside! we all get them, I have it where everything just looks dreadful on me, my hair is awful etc, I'm like a grizzly bear! but I won't stay in and wallow, I have to get on with it so I wear a looser dress, do my hair, lippy on and focus on everything other than me, and it passes, thank goodness! x x x

    1. I cannot imaging you being like a grizzly bear you are too lovely, you are so right i must try not to wallow in self pity and as you say just get on with it.
      Sandra as usual wonderful advice thank you so much, you and your family have a great weekend , love and best wishes xxx.