Friday, 21 February 2014


Hello blogger bunnies ! hope you are all well.
A rare sight in the UK , the SUN !!!, these  pictures were taken on Sunday, i was walking Alfie with my youngest daughter Summer, my photographer aged 11.
The weather was warm enough for me to wear one of my capes, i like capes just a bit different, and a thick jumper underneath ,a hat, coloured jeans and fur lined boots, i am as warm as toast !!!.
Thank you for your visits and comments, have great weekend Les.
Coloured jeans, charity shopped, all other clothes and bag old.


  1. Summer is an excellent photographer! and real sunshine in the UK, it's great when we get some! your cape is fabulous and I love how you have styled it, so glamorous with the hat and bag, I like the rim on your hat too, is it a cloche? Alfie is always adorable, Have a great weekend! x x x

    1. Thank you ! Summer , bless her i would be lost if she didn't take the pictures.
      the hat is a knitted one , but it looks quite like a cloche, have a good week , with love Les xxx.

  2. I love a cape too, and that is a very stylish one, you look great! Alfie is such a cutie. xxx

    1. Thank you ! Alfie always the star in the pictures when he is in them, i'm just something in the background lol !!!!.
      Have a great week , with best wishes x.