Sunday, 19 January 2014


Michelle Obama was fifty on the 17th January, and she is bit of a hero to me.
I love the clothes she wears, she not afraid of colour, and Michelle wears what she likes and feel comfortable in.
She is a great mum a great first lady of America, and lets not forget those lovely toned arms of her's, yes i'm jealous of those arms of Michelle's.
Michelle has quoted as saying she fifty and fabulous, and do you know she right, us ladies are fabulous.
Thank you for your visits Les.


  1. I heart Michelle Obama too! she's intelligent (Harvard Law student) a brilliant humanitarian, incredibly generous and kind and is a beautiful woman inside and out and yes her wardrobe is magnificent! I hope you are well, I was wondering where you where!! (it seems I'm stalker-ish! haha!) take care x x x

    1. And what a lovely stalker you are , yes i am a big fan of Michelle not only very tall so clothes look beautiful on her clever as well , some people have all the luck ! lol.
      Yes i've been a bit bad with my blog, but i had a bad cold so you know how it is you just want to curl up with a hot lemsip and feel sorry for yourself lol.
      hope you and your family are all well love n kisses Les