Tuesday, 17 December 2013


This what I was wearing under my previous post, Dreamy Cream.
As I was visiting family members to give out Christmas presents, I wanted something  comfortable for the car journey and when you get there.
So don't think you can beat the skirt and jumper combination!, I also wanted a pop of colour so this George at Asda jumper, with the neat collar does the trick.
A BIG BIG THANK YOU, to you all for your visits to my little blog , I reach over 500 views.
I am so happy , it's the best Christmas present .
Thank you for your visits and your comments . Les x





  1. Well done on the 500+ visits!you look lovely in your fab festive jumper and skirt! I love collars so much, they are just a great addition - I like your bigger picture too, I can see you much better! and your lovely furry booties are just gorgeous x x x

    1. Yes I like the bigger picture but the laptop only lets me do one at this size,and does the rest the normal size.
      I don't know how to do them all the bigger size,have you any tips.
      Thank you for the lovely comment have a great weekend Les xxx