Sunday, 27 October 2013


Hello there, Well what a miserable day of weather we are having.
I woke today thinking skirt today yes this skirt that I got from charity shop a few weeks back, its a bit tweedfied black with a white and grey check going through it with a frayed hem that tickled my fancy.
There seems to be in the magazines a lot of tweed and the old country and shooting look for the Autumn season,so the skirt is a little nod in that direction.
As the weather so miserable and dull outside I went for this bright pink jumper to add a bit  of colour
to my day.,
Mr M was quite taken with the jumper, like the colour I said ,it makes your boobs look big he said,i didn't really have much of an answer for that one.
finished the look with a pair black shoes and of course the faithful handbag.

With best wishes Les.

Skirt; Charity Shop.
Jumper;Charity Shop.
Shoes; British Home Stores.


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